Enough Lectures on Rape! Give them what they want!

Rapes , Freedom of expression /speech & Religion are the three most crucial topics in news every day. And that’s all they remain as. There is always a time when people started voicing there opinion on either of these topics , mainly because of a breaking news kind of event and after some days all of us (Indian citizens) are back to the 3Bs – Bollywood , Balaji Telefilms or Big Boss.

Time and again , I see videos on YouTube where women (Celeb / Non-Celeb) speak about rapes in a sarcastic tone, in the hope of sending out a message. While I totally empathize with them and their cause,  I fail to understand that, what is that they achieve by trying to address such a grave concern through mere words on social media. If you think of it, people who are actually doing such things are for sure not watching these videos (and even if they are they wouldnt take sarcasm as a way to learn a lesson) , so how does it make a difference to the cause?

I am not saying that people should stop voicing their opinions or trying to spread a message, but if they really care, they should understand that at the end,

“Messages are just meant to be read” and “Actions speak louder than words”.

The need has always been to look deeper at the problem than just blaming the wrong doer for his actions. Rape is the result of a male’s uncontrolled carnal desires brewing up due to some kind of psychological need. I am not saying that this condition is something you are born with, infact it is all about how you are brought up and how you eventually mould your own thoughts. The problem I am talking about is the root cause, which is that element in a rapist’s conscience that allows him to attack someone without thinking about the other human being or even himself for that matter. He doesnt even realize that coitus is meant to be for ‘love making’ and his equation is not only missing the “love” part but also destroying lives instead of “making” any.

What we should ask ourselves as a country , as a society, is that, did we ever try to study the minds of these criminals and understand at what stages of a person’s evolution we can prevent these extremely self-centered , inhuman characteristics from cropping up? I am sure there would be various cases we could prevent them from happening and many could need a cure. I will cut to the chase and introduce a new angle to this whole problem – and that is a scientific/technological solution! Yes, why not?

If we can introduce “zero” in mathematics and also be known for the legendary “Kamasutra” , then why not be the nation that uses a mix of science , psychology and art to produce products / chemicals or practices that help those with uncontrolled desires to fulfill them without harming others?

For long, we have been trying to take a safe path that leads to no-where. Today, I see only two options –

1. You cannot suppress their desire, and hence all you can do to set an example for the other’s is , hang every convict to death. But this wouldn’t be acceptable on humanitarian grounds. Hence, the better way to go would be the path less taken , that is – option #2.

2. Just as children do what he is told not to do, so do criminals. ( Well, I am not saying criminals are children, but they just chose to carry forward the wrong trait as they grew up 😛 ). So, what’s the solution? Reverse therapy?? Imagine, if we could have some kind of a prescribable drug or may be VR (Virtual Reality) technology that let’s the guy get the same pleasure by simulation … What if there could be a wearable device (waist belt like or necklace like) that is seamless and allows the woman to protect her self , when she senses she is in danger? Imagine if a drone could come in at the attack point and taser (electrocute) the guy(s) so as to ensure that the woman is safe before the police arrives (late).


There could be endless possibilities and I am sure each one of us has a solution. Then why not share the solution to save “lives” and stop ranting about problems to get a few “likes”?

I am trying to take a small step and even though I am not a scientist, I keep trying to research on solutions that could help this cause. Would be a great boost if some one some where wants to join me in this pursuit! Let’s crowd source solutions to our problems, what say?

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2 thoughts on “Enough Lectures on Rape! Give them what they want!

  1. Sumant Malhotra

    Agreed on the part about social media messages being just that; messages! The idea of simulating the pleasure might not work though, since there are ways for that, available for free. I believe that rape is not about pleasure, but violence, and am not talking about child abuse here. Its about trying to dominate, push authority over someone weaker than oneself. The rape victims are usually women who are caught alone by some disoriented males, either too high on cheap liquor, or worse, high on power owned by family. The former variety has no avenue to exert force upon in the society, while the latter exert force on everyone they can. I personally don’t think science can create a stimulus for either variety that can give them the pleasure of exerting authority, as it can only be experienced. Science might send signals into the mind for the same, but such souls don’t get better. They get addicted to this new form of “pleasure”, and their obsession would only increase after that. While the second variety may never be controlled( since exploitation of the weak by strong is something one can’t control, its been there for centuries and I don’t think there is practically any way out of it! Law? Really? Against the people who control Law?), the first type of men can be stopped, or rather intimidated into ‘behaving’. Other women related issues aside, Israel is leaps and bounds ahead of India when it comes to treating rapists. If it can work there in a heavily male dominated society, it can FOR SURE work here. In my opinion, rapists are no better than animals. And animals can’t be treated or negotiated with, they can only be trained with the cane, or in such cases, castrating knives.
    The problem takes another turn when women use this to their advantage, like in the case of #RohtakSisters, but I believe that such a discussion might not be relevant to the topic right now.

  2. Supriya

    Great points made by you Sumant. I definitely agree with you on most , but my effort here is to find real solutions with the help of science and technology. I believe a new approach could get us to greater depths of the issue , thereby helping us solve it.

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