Construkt – Spark a Startup


As a small initiative to spread word about the power of Entrepreneurship, I talked about some simple elements regarding ‘starting up’ , at a session that I delivered as a Speaker at Construkt Fest ‘ 15.

The topic : Spark a Startup – Ideate > Design > Validate !

Here are some highlights –

1. Pain point is not the only reason to start up. It could be for 2 other reasons – Customer Delight & Diluting Customer Fear.

2. Don’t start anything just for money.Try micro- entrepreneurship to build reserves/funds for your sustainability.

3. Don’t get bogged down by titles , play your role to your heart’s content.

4. You don’t necessarily need to be innovative . Where innovation can’t be brought about, bring in customer delight with a better imitation.

5. Design is about problem solving and not merely aesthetics & trendiness.

6. Hierarchy of design needs –


Image Credits – Smashing Magazine

My example of a ‘Tap’ to elaborate the design hierarchy of needs :

A. Functionality – The tap should allow free & controlable flow of water /beer/ oil whatever it is meant for.

B. Reliability – The tap should be running smoothly , without any obstructions inside it that could cause the flow of fluid to abruptly stop.

C. Usability – You may have seen a lot of taps – Sensor based, Rotatory Knob, Push button etc. If any tap, for most users , appears to be confusing to turn on (however b’ful / stylish it may be) , then the product designer has not passed the usability test.

D. Proficiency – At this level, one adds more value to the product. For eg. A tap could have features such as a mix of warm and cold water or a way to control the temperature etc.

E. Creativity – At last comes the stage when you can spice up the aesthetics of the product. But one should remember that creativity is also contextual. For eg. A colorful tap would be great for kids’ bathrooms but an elegant one is required for a fancy hotel washroom.

One must always try to create a MVP of their product / service model including the bottom three slabs of this pyramid –
Functionality > Reliability > Usability and the rest can be added with iterations.

Last but not the least,

Entrepreneurship is NOT risky !

It not only makes you learn a lot & in the best way YOU can, but also opens up a lot of avenues for you as a professional.

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