Bangalore StartUp Meet + Pitch Event

My Blog Post for the recent event I Organized (on behalf of Weekend Ventures) end to end – Graphic Content Creation, Social Media Promotion, Event Management etc.

At Weekend Ventures we are constantly striving to foster entrepreneurship by ensuring that a disparate set of minds connect and grow together thereby contributing towards the evolution of the Start-Up Ecosystem.

We have been organizing various events to support Startups / entrepreneurs at different stages. Weekend Ventures 54Hrs (Build Startups in 54Hrs) , Meet Over Brunch (MOB) , Passian (a PaaS hackathon) are some of them.

On August 9th 2014, we organized a MOB – ‘Start-Up Meet + Pitch’ @ the most happening Entrepreneur’s Avenue – The 10,000 Start-Ups Warehouse, Bangalore. It was a brunch affair, and so most of our enthusiastic Entrepreneurs and Speakers were there by 11AM.

Santosh Panda, Founder & CEO of Explara, inaugurated the event with a very humble talk on his Entrepreneurial journey. Quoting Santosh –

“Two of my initiatives had failed. The dream to live hard, work hard but build a startup kept me motivated to try this ‘third attempt’ to launch a startup “”. With 3 years of bootstrapping and then securing fund from renowned angel investors, has served customers from 21 countries till now.”

Tej Pochiraju, Director @ Micrograce Solutions had moderated the Q&A on our request. It was a seamless conversation between the two followed by questions from the august audience that included various early stage Start-Up Founders, Director of Founder Institute – Mr. Naveen Lakkur, Sarath Acharya – Boutline, Tech & Social Entrepreneurs, Members of the Founder Institute, Founder of Routo from 10K StartUps – Edward Jose,  Representatives from – Tech Hub , Construkt Fest  & Corporates .

Around 12 in the noon, we took a short Networking break, wherein the audience was free to approach the Speakers, Investors, Accelerator representatives and fellow entrepreneurs. Post that we started off with an Investor Panel Discussion among Abhishek Gupta – Head of Accelerator TLABS, Prathibha Sastry – Operations Manager Microsoft Ventures,  Krishna Jha – Founder of ITFinity and Telnet Ventures & Sangeeta Devni – Deputy Manager 10000 Start-Ups. This discussion was around what their organizations offer, different kinds of funding, region based differences in the approach towards Tech & Non – Tech StartUps , followed by queries from the audience.

With another networking break, everyone settled to witness the most important session of the day. The Pitch round had around 18 early stage startups –  7 Square , Cash Kumar, Confirm Tkt, Alma Base, DAnovus, Kyash, Listo Ads, Mobile Gullak, Qbeeko, Mycrofto, Public Analytics India, Recruit Fresher, , Townista, MatchUp Cricket & Video Stax . The teams hailed from various backgrounds and put up a great show for the audience in the limited time they had on stage.

Each team pitched with their Prototype/Live Beta/Mock Up/Video within 3 mins and it was a tough decision for the Judges (Investor Panel) towards the end. While the judges were toiling hard to decide on the winners, our famished participants had quick Brunch. With the hope that everyone filled up their tummies we headed off towards the final announcements of the day.

Winners –

Vishwa Krishna Kumar who has built the next Generation IM ( | Available on PlayStore) , bagging away the 1st Prize that gives his team a wildcard entry into final pitch round of a renowned Accelerator.

Dinesh Kotha & his team ( ) will ensure that we get confirmed train tickets no matter what! They bagged the 2nd Prize – 2 tickets to the upcoming Startup Launch/Demo Day event in their city.

Dhiren Makhija & his team ( ) will solve Forex Conversion & Trading problems. They bagged the 3rd Prize – 1 ticket to the upcoming Startup Launch/Demo Day event in their city.

We also had a special winner Jipy Mohanty – Mycrofto , who was awarded a book called ‘ The Inseparable Twins’ by Mr. Naveen Lakkur.

We hope that we put up a good show for all and yearn to evolve based on the feedback we get from our dear Participants and Speakers. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and seeing startups succeed. Weekend Ventures intends to make their startup journey less lonely, more connected, and more meaningful.

Do connect with us for our updates about startup ecosystem in your city as well as major announcements.

Supriya Rathi