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What if we inhibit inhibition?

There is a voice inside my mind. Some say it’s not the mind but the heart that tells you what to do and what not to. Whatever it is, it is quite loud and clear.. asking me why I inhibit myself from breaking free and wandering into the dark.

It makes me think deeper and gives me strength to face my own doubts. It is the voice that does not judge me but wants me to take a stand. It tells me that it’s okay to leave a high profile job or say ‘no’ to N great opportunities, and pursue something that excites me. At the same time, just as a faithful partner, it tells me all that it knows about me.

Over the years , this voice has grown stronger and louder. For this, I give the credit to my parents and then myself , who let it live and flourish. Sometimes I feel that it is has the persona of that child we all hide and slowly forget. Well, not the illegitimate one 😛 , but that child which resides inside our hearts. It shows when we laugh out loud or when we are fighting over a piece of cake. But sadly, for most people, “inhibition” takes the front seat , drives the child to a safe house and visits it once in a blue moon.

I am yet to explore a great deal but what makes me share this, is my journey as an entrepreneur so far. We usually live on assumptions, mostly in the worst ways possible and all that is because we are  – either afraid to accept that “we are afraid of the dark” or inhibit & underestimate ourselves due to general rationalizations / predictions.

For once in our lives, if we take that road which we always wonder about, we will most probably find out more about ourselves and gain more than what we imagine to lose.

Situations vary from person to person, but from what I have experienced, I have new found respect for artists and adventure freaks who just follow their fingers & feet respectively. Being an engineer and an employee gave me discipline, basic skills and understanding of how most of the world works, but being an aspiring entrepreneur, freelancer and opportunity explorer has removed the horizon from constricted vision. Probability plays a great role in this as by removing the horizon we give Math a chance to work its’ wonders. With the horizon in place we inhibit ourselves to the possibilities we are aware of and forget that permutations and combinations change with every variable.

I learn , decide and grow at every step of this quest , which I feel more and more comfortable about every passing day. People may judge me, but it is that voice that strengthens my belief in me and tells me: “Go On, make a mark or make a fool out of yourself, either way you will cherish what you find!” The journey may be long and initially I may not have enough supplies to reach the peak, but

by inhibiting inhibition, I have gained intuition.

Intuition that tells me not to worry too much about future or look for clues too far ,instead, keep walking on a dynamic map that my mind creates. Sometimes the supplies will come to me. Sometimes, I just have to keep my eyes open when they are lying around marked with my name all over. It’s amazing to see how things unravel when you stop inhibiting yourself based on pre-defined logic which was not designed for you in the first place.

So, kudos to all those who are disrupting and also to those who are re-inventing the wheel or even just painting it differently! It takes a lot to make decisions that not just impact you but also others associated with you. Stay honest to yourself and try intuition over inhibition at critical times to see what’s beyond the horizon.

PS: For those who are wondering, why I chose animation movies as graphic examples – it is because IMO these movies go beyond the horizon , yet relate with deep rooted realities of human behavior.